Socio-emotional competences training

In airea e-LEARNING we prioritize taking care of the social-emotional competences because we know that  the educative paradigm and the professional role change passes through reinventing and redefining the intervention ways.

No learning is possible without emotional skills like assertiveness, optimism, empathy, trust and sense of belonging to a team. To get this change interpreted as an oportunity, we design specific and personalized itineraries that provide emotional management tools, which will be easily converted into emotional skills in members and institutions so that it is possible to make sure the success because we are transformed in more flexible and resolutive agents.

These itineraries will be guided by a specialists  group in different disciplines, authentic coachs that provide the management of human relationships and that prepare us for the variety of difficulties –oportunities- that we have to confront through our proffessional life.

We pay attention to our users from a Global Pespective, offering Pioneer topics listening to their needs in an holistic way. Joana Jaureguizar, Enrique Sacanel, Silvia Arribas and Leire Darretxe, between others, design and promote with airea-eLearning proposals in this line of intervention. This will make proffesionals confront their task in a more secure and calm way, obtaining better results in their daily interventions.


We knit networks between our participants in our courses that enrich the outlook we start from, stimulating progress and making transformation natural.

We lay emphasis in these competences connected with communication, emotional management, team work, innovation, change management, making possible learnings that allow changes in people who participate in our training projects.

What we are and how we relate with ourselves and with our enviroment are clues in the development of people and proffessional careers, and in the projects bond to the world of knowledge.

We connect people with people taking advantage of all the potentialities that human groups in change offer us.