Socio-emotional competences


We connect your training need with expert people on the specific topics that generate a concrete proposal of activities through the design of learning experiences.

Topics as inclusion, difficult conversations, change management, emotions at class, self esteem in childhood, resilience or mourning have been developed by university faculty and PhD on the topic that connects with the concrete reality of your context thanks to the careful instructional design that we offer in our platform. The digital enviroment is the setting we are in, and its suitable adaptation multiplies learning and impact on your professional development.


As we represent an expert team on technology and education, we are required to accompany another professionals to learn to learn in the net: how to manage our sources of information, how to define action plans, why and what for this social net or the benefits of a portfolio and its development are some of the topics that we have developed and set up for our clients.

We provide value to your daily work and we supply sense to a lot of automaton actions that we nowadays achieve without a previous reflection. These trainings that include the development of a digital device, from a previous analysis, generate well-being in participants due to the sense of control they provide.


Digital competences


e-Learning consultancy


Many organizations are conscious of the potential of the digital environment for learning and they need to reflect about the opportunities that with their  resources can explore their positioning on the networks and progress next to this Society of Information. Additionally, another organizations do on line training but in an out-of-step model.

In airea e-learning,  we assess your case and we make you a proposal adapted to your reality that allows you to adjust a learning rythm, dedication and investment personalized for you. An artisan, close  and one to one consultancy, because technology is not synonymous of automatisms. Training and mutual understanding of the roadmap will get us to where we need to be.