• Teacher, trainning for trainners, learning 98%
  • Digital abilities and comunication 85%
  • Moodle 80%
  • Education and psicoeducation 95%
  • Proyects, people and process 90%

Itziar Kerexeta, Artisan Consultant, Learning on Digital Environment expert.

Lecturer at Basque Country Public University (UPV/EHU), ICT, Education.

You can check my more formal curriculum vitae in LinkedIn but I would like to keep this space to tell the way that I have gone through until aire e-LEARNING was created.   LinkedIn Profileperfil-Itziar-Kerexeta

I have been linked to technology for 25 years. I studied Computer Science and I understood the data bases and the structuration of the information. Soon I felt attracted by the social field and  I studied Social Education at Deusto University, connecting it with Psico-Education degree.

I got a pre-doctoral grant in USA, where I accompannied people with special educational needs to recover their cognitive skills. Technology and digital tools were my allies through this process.

Once I finished the grant, I oriented my professional career towards permanent adult training and, more specifically,  towards the training of faculty in educational update, working from the inclusion, multiple inteligences passing through the digital compentences to promote a paradigm change in education. In my projects I lay emphasis in the creation of teaching teams who adapt their expertise to the context of active professionals.

I work in an intensive way  in the transfer of experiential and participatory methodology of the classrroom towards the digital settings since 2008. Designing training proposals with a connectivist position and they are focused on the needs of the participants.

A woman of communities and connections, I am an active part of the Moodle.org and I colaborate in the meetings of Moodle users, Moodlemoots, member of #THP, #educafebilbao, #7alde between others. I can work in english, basque and spanish.

Badges Moodle (#mootes14, #mootes13)

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Awarded as one of 10 e- Learning Talent 2016 | AEFOL Prize, awarded during the International Congress Expo eLearning, held on 3 and 4 March in Madrid.