e-Learning consultancy

Airea e-Learning is born from a passion for the educational  and social field, knowing the importance of the permanent learning as an essential value of growth of people and nations, of humanity. We are born for pure vocation and because we are convinced that what we do, we do it very well. We enjoy our work and we believe in it. Love for our job is our mark.

We offer tools that garantee the success of our scenes of learning and we pay attention so that training will be effective for any collective, being always very realistic and getting adapted to different profiles.

The socio-emotional and digital competences are the aim of the design of any course facing the fascinating challenge in the need of change in the proffessional roles that nowadays life offers. The teaching group we connect you with comes from the educational and social world knowing to adjust to the needs of the present moment and your needs. Their experiences, challenges, their supplies?? , their methods are all corroborated by the work achieved for many years and with many work groups. They have been selected for the success they have achieved in their proffessional careers. These people will make a continuous and personalized follow up since your satisfaction is the goal of airea e-Learning.

We start from the user’s profile (students and training group) in the projects of accompaniment towards the development of digital training proposals to define an itinerary of education and implementation of the necessary resources for their achievement. We pay special attention in the generation of communities that starting from the learning with us may last after having passed through  our virtual classrooms. The generation of pleasant atmospheres where helplessness or stress are out is the enabler clue  of our educational mission.



Global view of the impact in training, administrative and organizational proccesses.

The ability of adaptation to your needs, generating solid, practical and effective action plans because we know that there is not only a unique way or a unique rythm to access to learning.

The definition of the virtualization of organization from the progress  in the predefined landmarks.

The continuous update of our experts since they are connected with powerful work and research areas.