Training on digital competences

If there is something that nobody can question is the change of parameters in our learning enviroments, being the network not only as a source of information but also as a generation of it and comunication.

Technology has meant a true transformation of culture and relationships. Experts say, and almost all of us know this already, that in a planetary level, we are living the biggest revolution in the education area.

To accept digital transformation means, in Manuel Castells words:

to asume that we have changed forever the way we comunicate with ourselves, we get information, we  work, we relate with ourselves, we love or protest.

And to help to address this change succesfully is aire e-Learning because the development of the digital competence is much more than being a part of a learning curriculum. Digital competence is the indispensable base to build new technologies and relationships in the educational and social reality.

Airea e-Learning has experts who prepare people in their courses not only for the access to the information, that it is produced in a masive way every second, but also they generate a training for the understanding of our digital identity.

New terms of digital culture and identity as ability of amplification, scalability, durability of contents and their virality, also extimacy- in opposition to intimacy- must be known by the proffessionals of knowledge.

Educators like Charo Fernández, Ana Rodera, Jabi Luengo, David Alvarez, all of them with a lot of hours of work, prepare online courses teaching the use of the resources, of  the effective tools that provide the learning to be able to get prepared for future. These resources, that the society of information provide us for the design and the development of our intervention.



The continuous appearance of any type of devices and their educational uses mean a new way of addressing the learning that we must include in our training and in the daily achievement of our work.

We believe that working in network means building effective and enriching relationships with people of our enviroment or proffessional area, that´s why we promote that any person that attends, lives our courses, generates this kind of network.

We design effective training about learning networks, digital citizenship, tools and ways of living and being digital for a methodologic innovation of the proffessional proccesses.

In airea e-Learning we are linkers of people and synergies.