About us

airea-elearning is an entity created in 2016 with the ultimate goal of social transformation through the integration of digital skills of active professionals.

We are an expert team in Education and technology, both because of the university studies and master’s degrees that guarantee us, and because of the great path we have taken working in collaboration with public and private entities. Something that characterizes us is that we really believe in what we do and we create a new way of learning, applying, sharing and transforming from our digital learning experiences. We have a light and flexible structure and we collaborate with professionals to be voice and transmitters of their knowledge through the airea-elearning platform.

We are the seed of conectandoescuelas.org, a project that brings together more than 500 teachers from 8 countries and is showing us that our dream of sharing, co-creating and transforming is a reality. We are proud to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bilbao from Innolab Bilbao.